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Gary Peloquin:

I started as an apprentice with Volkswagen dealers back in 1964. By 1967 I worked into unit repair on engines and transaxles. I attended all of VW’s schools throughout my time with Volkswagen dealers. I moved up to working shop foreman in 1968 and stayed as working foreman throughout my remaining time with Volkswagen dealers, which ended in mid 1984.

I opened my own business in Hawthorne, Ca. rebuilding engines and transaxles for the south bay independents and dealers. During 1984 through 2000, I’ve built numerous drag transaxles (Air Cooled) and off road transaxles for VW type cars. My own drag car has been pictured in VW Trends and Hot VW Magazines. In 1997 I looked into making a planetary differential for VW air cooled cars. I then decided to make my own O2A and O2J differential.

Business was rough at first due to unforeseen circumstances – BUT HUNG in there as the David of the 21st Century. None of my success wouldn’t have come true without the complete support and ongoing support of so many which I give my deepest thanks to all.

I moved to Georgia in 2002 as to be with my family and built a 2000 sq. ft. shop. This is where I do all my prototypes, sales, and shipping. I could go on and on, but word of mouth works wonders!