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Why Mine?
I’m a one-man operation. I inspect and oversee all procedures and assemble all my own products. I don’t just receive a box with a part number, re-box, and sell. 

My warranty is no hassle – no papers to fill out and is transferable.

02A & 02J
I changed the O2A & O2J helical cut on the planetary gears. This aids in a smoother reaction to loads created by friction. The use of much larger bolts better secures the differential’s halves together. I’ve incorporated a much closer tolerance in my blue print to aid in the installation. A few necessary parts should be replaced when installing a differential. I’ve included these parts, such as differential bearings, Speedo drive, o-rings and 5th gear cover gasket. By doing these things, it should reduce the installation cost for the customer. 

My O2O design, which I have been working on for years, has been proven to be an excellent product. I’ve completely changed the design by using the same type of gears as in my O2A & O2J differentials. The O2O differential uses new VW trunion shafts or stock shafts. This unit is in center – meaning gears as the O2O was meant to have.

40% and 80% Kits
These kits can be used to increase the traction of both wheels by keeping a constant load on trunion shafts.