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80% Kit

Part Number: O2O 498 O8O AZ
Suggested Retail Price: $125.50

This kit increases the factory 20% anti torque steer effect to 80%. The 80% Pelolok kit helps eliminate torque steer and inside wheel spin.
The 020 80% Pelolok kit can be installed without removing the transaxle. It will also work with the Peloquin differential, as well as the stock factory differential. This kit is for the 1984 and up 020 transmission, Plus will work in some V.W. Automatics, such as the 010 3-speed and 01M 4-speed.
The late Automatics such as the 01M we will require complete VIN number to verify fit.

The 80 % kit includes: 10MMx1.5 CV flange tool, 2 CV flange seals, 2 C clips, 2 80% brass shims, 2 thrust washers, 2 steel puck seals with O-rings and 2 10mm retaining bolts.

Please note: This kit is recommended for 020 transaxles with 100mm CV flanges, if you have 90mm CV’s contact Gary for information.

Gary sums up customer’s reacts:
“The first reaction is that people really notice the difference in the steering response under power. The car steers tighter – on the throttle the car goes toward the apex. The people who live in the snow and the ice really love the added winter traction”.

This kit is great for those with a limited budget or race classes that do not allow a full limited slip differential.

Installation Steps

If you need more information, make sure to call the shop. It is the easiest and quickest way to receive all the information you need. Thank you.