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These kits should be installed in transmission that are in good working condition. They are not designed to correct existing problems. Repair any deficiencies before installing the kit, Before beginning it is recommended that the repair manual be consulted for transmission configuration and parts familiarization.

Always follow factory recommended procedures. You may obtain appropriate literature from any dealer or after market supplier or I’ll be more then willing to assist with any installation questions if needed. Just call or e-mail.

Removing Rivet – Make sure Differential is square to drill. By starting with a 21/64th drill bit drilling from differential side opposite ring gear drill 3/4 deep from face
of rivet. Keep drill in center of rivet. Now use a 1/2 drill bit to remove rivet head. Then use a 5/16 drift and put inside 21/64 hole and tap out remainder of rivet.

NOTE: Torque spec. change using 30wt oil is now 105ft lbs with ARP Bolts.