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Bolt Kits

Below are V.W. part numbers which can be bought through your local dealer
or call ARP for their bolt kits.

We at Peloquins are no longer making the stock replacement bolt kits as we have changed our differentials so the ring gear is held in by a bolt without the nut.

We are keeping enough supply to take care of past customer needs.
The only differential that are made by Peloquins that require the nut type bolt kit are the 020 differential
we use the below part number from ARP 204-3001

VW #171 498 088A ARP # 204-3001
VW #02A 498 088A ARP # 204-3002
VW #02M 498 088 ARP # 204-3003

If you need more information, make sure to call the shop. It is the easiest and quickest way to receive all the information you need. Thank you.